Cockwells Tuesday Points series: 8th May

The weak cold front cleared just after lunch as the Met man predicted. The light rain was insufficient to water the veg plot. The wind as predicted went North West and blew a little harder than anticipated. I used my anemometer and at the end of the quay recorded 17.5 kts gusting 26 kts at 1650hrs.

We rigged up Trifle and delayed foresail choice till well past the docks to see what it was like in the roads and a wise choice of a No 2 headsail made. Chris Bell and his entourage of crew lightly doused in WD40, (sorry chaps), positioned Noon Hi with divine guidance from Jack Penty on the eastern shore near the east narrows buoy. Trefusis was to be the windward mark. The line was a tad short and an apology was made by radio from the committee boat followed by a fender trailing from the stern to protect Jack's interests!

Two Firebirds started at 1815 and went off at breakneck speed towards Trefusis, Their course was 106 which sent them from the windward mark out to Zs, GYs, CAp and finish.

Next off were Q class, fielding 11 yachts. We watched the start, which was crowded; John Hicks in Rampage took the pole position with David Cunliffe in Encore just behind. Q class also had course 106 and Chris Bell later told me he intended to send U class the same way but was dissuaded.

Next off were U class fielding 7 boats. First away were the two Folkboats. The start was again crowded and on Trifle we stuffed in an early port tack to get out of dirty wind. Nigel in Kaimana followed us over and we played with the mainsail settings to try to get Trifle up to speed. A welcome edition to the fleet is Poteen another “Snotty” helmed by Walter Amos. We tacked back onto starboard to get back on the lay line and saw Kaimana go over the top of us. Now into clear air and a few tweaks got Trifle up to speed and pointing. There was a white motor boaty anchored up and we avoided his lee while watching the first of Q class round the mark. Jackdaw, Bob Warren set an early kite for the run to Zone but the others were hesitant and most white sailed in the gusty conditions.

W fleet were down to 3 contenders this week and had Tp, WNs, Gs, finish. Elli, Robin Roebuck was first over the finish line with Puffin, Mike Chard just ahead of Len in Sweet Friday. Later in the bar Mike said “I was ahead of Len but he will have me on handicap” Len looked forlorn and almost choaked on his Toad in the Hole! Sweet Friday was first with Puffin second and Elli into 3rd. A kangaroo court was narrowly avoided when Mike Chard was found displaying the wrong shirt in public; a few words from the Commodore were sufficient.

We were 2nd round Trefusis and set our old kite on Starboard pole. Carricknath to starboard was the mark and it was dead downwind with 40% by the lee, Looking behind all the other boats were white sailing and Poteen made an early bath retirement. A very slick kite takedown and rounding saw us beating back up to Trefusis and a kite run to Pendennis again to starboard. The wind as predicted had begun to ease so we changed to our No 1 genoa on the run. This was a bonus on the beat back to the finish as we were able to hold off Wilkie who was making a concerted comeback passing Kaimana who was still flying her no 2 genoa. One of the advantages of a roller genoa. Bob and Alistair were working like one-armed paperhangers for most of the race.

The results are on the site though I had tekkie issues trying to get them. Thanks to all concerned and see you all Saturday for a soggy sail!

Jelly (Chris Jelliss)