Choak's Pasties series FSC Tuesday 22nd May

There was hardly a leaf stirring in my garden on Tuesday 22nd May and I thought we were in for a drifter evening. How wrong can you be? For as I got out of my car on Trefusis Road I was met by a blast of wind coming down the river. I was early as there were a couple of small jobs to do on the boat. I found it difficult to manhandle my rubadub down the steps and had a fast row with wind and tide to the mooring. Still it was dry with hardly a cloud in the sky.

Andrew Laming was the Race Officer and he had Jack Penty anchor Noon Hi to the west of Castle Bouy. Two courses were set, both of Race Officer's choice which confused my crew as we had been taking bets on which book courses we would get.

Ultraviolet and Cornish Meadow whizzed of on their start in the cool fresh breeze and they were followed by Q class with a 12 boat fleet. The start line was long and square but there was still some bunching mid line. I saw Rampage have a peach of a start going full tilt on the committee boat end and crossing 3 seconds after the hooter.

Next away were 11 boats in U fleet and for the second week running I managed a rubbish start being quite late and having problems trimming the speed and heel. Laying concrete and paving slabs in full sunshine that morning and afternoon didn’t help my concentration! Three Sunbeams came out to play and were shortly followed by a rejuvenated W fleet of 4 boats. The lonely little Petunia in the Carrick Roads turned out to be Charm representing G class and to complete the 36-boat fleet were 3 B class Working boats.

The results are on the website and as its been a busy week for me, now Friday as I am writing, my recollection of events has faded!

Thanks to all concerned with the race management, the launch, Ops room and bar.

See you all on Saturday for a soggy sail as a deepening depression with associated warm front tracks up from Spain and France to signal the start of the Bank Holiday weekend.

Good luck to Kay Price and all the staff for the Monday, “Push the boat out” event. If you know of any 6 to 106 year olds who would like to try sailing do encourage them to come along!

Chris Jelliss

Note that the Club's wifi password has changed. Flushing has been upgraded to fibre by BT. This does not mean we have fibre to the clubhouse, just to the junction boxes in the village. The final hundred metres or so is still copper. However it has meant a change in router. We hoped to be able to use the old password, but this is allegedly not strong enough. Details on-line and to be posted in the Clubhouse, and eventually in the Newsletter.

ElrhunaElrhuna on her way to the start

FirebirdsFirebirds start

Q classQ class start

U classU class start

KaimanaKaimana and Trifle

'beamsSunbeam start

Q class approachingQ class downwind

Winnie et alWinnie and friends starting

KizzyKizzy and Moonlighter

oopsDeep Purple in an off moment

B class approachesB class goose-winging

RampageConcentration aboard Rampage

AtalantaAtalanta's stern