Skinners Saturday points series 26th May 2018

The day started surprisingly benign, as the forecast was not so clever! Violent electrical storms and torrential rain were the order in central Brittany, where Jen was sorting out the finale of our 17-year French house adventure. Mike Robson assisted by Paul Evans and John Heath in the Ops room decided on a Commodores reported NE wind direction for the courses. To be honest it was anybody’s guess as the sea breeze effect on both South and North coasts was going to play havoc with the Carrick Roads Treasure box of direction and strength wind prizes!

Twenty one yachts came out to play and the first to start was Tai Mo Shan, Neil Chamberlain in Q class. Have you pinched some of Len's aftershave? Anyway off they went for a leisurely but well sailed 1st place! Four yachts came out to contest U Class and Bob Chapple in Wilkie got a blaster of a start with two boats a bit premature over the line? Kaimana tucked in and kept pace down the harbour while three chased Wilkie toward Governor, port then Waterloo, port.

Noon Hi, Jack Penty, braved Len Cheshire's sailing skills and made a two boat fleet in W Class with Sweet Friday having a struggle to keep up with the bigger boat. Three G class gaffers swelled the entries with Miss Agnes, Mike Rangecroft, Katy, Sue Grigg and Clementine, Alan Perham showing the Carrick Roads their bright colours in the topsails.

Six B Class working boats came out to enhance the G fleet palette of topsails and had a jolly thrash working wind, tide and tactics on a shifty old wind with impending storms approaching! Finally five Sunbeams managed to make it out for their premier “Silver Sunbeam” race.

To say that the wind was shifty and unpredictable would be an understatement still we all finished and as usual the results are on the website. Sorry but only received results 10 mins ago and short-term memory does not lend spontaneity to reporting events

Chris Jelliss

NB: Areas that are obstructions: Straight lines between the course side of the mooring buoys on the outer line on both sides of the fairway are designated as continuing obstructions. In other words, you must not dip between the mooring buoys.