Bank Holiday Bonanza! Flushing Sailing Club 28th May 2018

Bank Holiday, Monday 28th May dawned bright and promising after the electrical storms and floods “up country” Kay Price and her team of volunteers at Flushing Sailing Club had a professional briefing for the “Push the boat out” day before the 1100 start time.

Five Yachts with very experienced skippers were ready and waiting to accept the general public who responded to the advertisements on radio, press and flyer to come and experience a free taster session of sailing, and to see that this hugely enjoyable sport is open to all regardless of finance or ability.

Kay and Jeannette greeted the new crews in the club, briefed them on the important safety aspects, fitted them with buoyancy aids and directed them to the fisherman’s quay at Flushing. It was a very low tide so our slipway was not operational for the first hour! Giles the launch helm, assisted by Hayley, helped the families of Mums, Dads and children to negotiate the steps from the quay and safely deposit them on the designated yacht. Then they were taken down the Penryn river past the trots of moored yachts into the magical Carrick Roads sailing past Super Sailing Yachts, Super Motor Yachts, and the myriad of sailors enjoying the sunshine, warmth and gentle SSE zephyr breeze.

Fifty-Two were carried out and back in safety and sheer enjoyment by five yachts sailing three trips each from 1030 till 1630. Experiencing sailing, the magic of Carrick Roads, sparkling water, and the gentle lap of a yacht sailing in flat water.

A massive thanks to Kay Price for organizing and managing the day, to Jeannette and Gaye, Jack and Derek on Noon Hi, Len Cheshire on Sweet Friday, Bob Chapple on Wilkie, Ian and Jenny on General Khaos, and some old bloke on “a little Trifle” for volunteering to make time and effort to introduce people to the wonderful world of sailing! John behind the bar, Giles and Hayley in the launch, which was a real asset to the day! To the Paulines (Cheshire and Chapple) for great cakes and teas. All these folk pulled together as a well oiled team to make a lasting impression on the public who trusted our dedication and professionalism to give them a brief taste of the “Sport Of Kings”. Flushing Sailing Club deserve a well aimed pat on the back for a Bank Holiday Bonanaza!

Chris Jelliss