Seven Stars Autumn series Saturday 8th Sept 2018

The day dawned bright with a few rain-bearing clouds which had managed to miss my garden overnight. Ron Jones was the Race Officer and was ably assisted by Sue, Jack and Inez in the ops room. There were to be no flags or signals board and it was all done by radio on Ch. 72. Thank goodness I had recharged my set after Falmouth Week!

Six U class came to the area off the club and the fairway rustled and bustled with the noises of short tacking boats and hoisting of sails. On Trifle we elected to hoist the Genoa and sail up the line on starboard as the wind was shifty making a starboard pole kite marginal from the off. As it was we bore away on the time and hoisted the spinnaker which set well. We crossed the flood tide aiming for the end of the fairway and had a brief encounter of the Popincoota kind.

We were neck and neck as we approached Pirate at the end of the trots, when a gust sent us forging ahead and over the bow of Popincoota who went high to clear her air but stemmed the tide.

St Just was the first mark with a beat back to Trefusis, then a starboard pole kite reach to South Narrows. A beat to Governor followed by a port pole run to Vilt and a beat back to the turning mark off the club. We were sailing slightly by the lee and waiting to clear the anchored yachts at the entrance to the inner harbour. A loud Crack! and some grunting caused me to look behind where I saw Alan Grose trying to force the boom of Popincoota back from its unexpected gybe. The big red and white kite was oscillating from side to side as the rudder stalled and the boat disappeared into the shoreline of Trefusis.

We concentrated on our impending gybe, which went well and set off for the Vilt and the promise of more tide in the channel to St Just.

Galene was the lonely little petunia in the W fleet and had a sail over. Three G class came out and had some lively competition. Michelle later said in the club that she thought it was a great course, which was reinforced by Miss Agnes beating Katy and Clementine.

In the event Alan and Jane retired taking Popincoota back to St Mawes with hopefully little or no damage. So then there were 5 who having completed the course, were sent back out to Vilt and return to finish. There were some great gains to be made in the big wind shifts and sensible use of the ever-strengthening tide, which was a big one.

So 10 boats braved the competition which was reduced by the Sunbeam and Working Boats having separate mini regattas elsewhere.

Thanks to the ops room and RO, Mark Richards, my crew Finnís dad who fed us some delicious cake and a good cuppa to wash down the crumbs, and Giles the launch.

Itís my last one next week as Iím off to France on the 22nd. So two Tuesday Pursuits and one Saturday left to enjoy. The list of repairs and general maintenance gets bigger. Trifle will be dry and warm in her winter barn with some TLC for several months.

See you all on Tuesday and donít forget to look on the website for SI and start times.

Chris Jelliss

U startingA running start with almost all spinnakers flying

GaleneGalene, in isolated splendour

ClementineClementine. Can you spot what's missing?