Seven Stars Autumn series Saturday 15th Sept 2018

The day dawned murky and there was hardly a breath of wind. With Hurricanes and Typhoons in equatorial climates it seemed rather nice.

However the remnants of Helene were squeezing the isobars north and by the time we got on the boat there was a good breeze.

A lone Q class appeared on the line with several phone faces on board and no class flag. They went off quite early and failed to answer the radio to the frantic calls of the Race Officer. That was the last we saw of them and can only assume it was a jolly!

Eight U class littered the fairway waiting for the 1400 off, there were some curious stares from passing boats cruising down the river not expecting yachts to be in such close proximity. St Just to starboard and Castle to starboard twice was the call and that is what we did, to a greater or lesser degree. There was a lively wind in the roads to begin with, which unfortunately caused two of the three G class to retire as the southerly breeze against a falling tide was kicking up a big choppy sea for open boats. Charm was the only finisher and Galene had a sail over in W class

Tea and cakes were taken in the club and that was the end of Saturday sailing for me! It does not bode well for my last race of the season on Tuesday as Helene is due to give 50 kts plus!

Itís the wash-up on Tue 25th and I urge those of you who can make it to air your views on the season. The classes and the race management? Unfortunately I will not be there but my views are well known and echoed by many, but will they speak up? Now is your chance!

See you Tuesday if poss, if not have a jolly winter.

Chris Jelliss