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Clubhouse Redevelopment

Members will be aware that we are in the throes of a major project – the replacement of our clubhouse. This is not the first time the clubhouse has been replaced. Some older members may recall the wooden hut which preceded our leaky, architecturally uninspired single storey white building (which it is claimed was modelled on a public toilet bloc). At present it's a building site.

In order to keep members abreast of progress we are publishing a series of updates:

If you do take pictures of the work, feel free to send them along, with some kind of label which helps to explain why you took it, and some will be included in the log, suitably attributed.

In fact, if you happen to have any old pictures of the ‘shed’ we would be very pleased to see them. Photos taken inside the older buildings, say at prize-giving or a social gathering would also be welcome. We have not been very careful in recording our history, especially the events which seemed mundane at the time, but become interesting through the lens of time.

And you may be pleased to know that the appeal for funds is on-going and we still accept donations to help cover the cost of the new clubhouse. In the words of Bob Geldorf “Give us the [expletive deleted] money!’

old club house

Old Clubhouse, date unknown


Recently demolished Clubhouse


Future Clubhouse

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