Village Regattas

Village Regattas have been held around the Carrick Roads and Gerrans Bay since the 19th Century. Some have gone, and then come alive again. At present there are eight ‘village’ regattas. The term ‘village’ is not taken literally. Each regatta has its own flavour and is quite distinct. With the exception of Percuil, all the regattas are held on a Saturday. During a village regatta, no racing takes place at Flushing (mostly because we're all round at the regatta and there is no-one left).

Almost without exception the organisers make a huge effort to entertain the visitors, not just with the racing (in places we don't normally go), but the teas and the events.

To keep track of the Village Regattas, consult the PoFSA website.

Flushing Village Regatta

At FSC we are particularly fond of the Flushing Village Regatta which is run through the Club, though the Race Officer and many of the helpers are drawn from the village. If you plan to take part you'll want the Notice of Race, the Sailing Instructions, the Racing Marks chart and the chart showing the harbour restrictions.

Besides organising the racing for the day, the Clubhouse is the site of the sumptuous teas.

On a fine day the Quay is an excellent place to sit out in the sun and enjoy, assuming you aren't out on the water.

Regatta handicaps

If you race in a village regatta or Falmouth Sailing Week, you may require a Yacht Time Correction (YTC), formerly known as the Falmouth Area Yardstick (FAY). The Working Boats (B & C classes) and Gaffers (G class) use their existing class handicaps, the Sunbeams (V class) and Firebirds (M class) both race as one-designs, but those in Q, U and W should ensure they have a YTC. In Falmouth Sailing Week there will be IRC class races in the Bay where YTC is not required, but in the Carrick Roads racing for these boats use YTC. It costs nothing, so better to be prepared than to be disappointed on the day.

To obtain a YTC, follow the link to the YTC application form; all current local YTC ratings YTC list.

Falmouth Sailing Week

The Club is one of the members of PoFSA, under whose umbrella the village regattas are organised. PoFSA is also responsible for Falmouth Sailing Week, which in 2019 is 11th to 17th August. Traditionally the final Saturday is Flushing's 'day' and the evening's presentations, teas and entertainment take place at the Club, usually with the addition of a marquee on the Quay. There will be live music. You just can't stop these people singing!

A fully stocked bar is available serving local ales.

Village Regatta Dates, 2019

  • June 1st: Loe Beach Regatta
  • June 8th: Falmouth Town Regatta
  • June 29th: Point and Penpol Regatta
  • July 6th: St Mawes Social Regatta
  • July 27th: Flushing Village Regatta
  • August 3rd: St Mawes Town Regatta
  • August 24th: Portscatho Village Regatta
  • August 25th: Percuil Village Regatta

Details of the regattas, including Sailing Instructions, can be found on the PoFSA website.

Entry form

Click for the Village Regatta entry form.

Flushing Village Regatta