Courses will be selected on the day from Inner Harbour Club House Starts list by the elected Race Officer of the Day. Inner Harbour/Club House Courses are two rounds and this may be shortened at the discretion of the Race Officer(Rule 12.5). If two rounds are sailed the turning mark will be positioned on the course side of the Finish Line carrying a Green Flag (Rule 13.3).

The Start Line will be the line through the transits at FSC. There will be no outer distance mark laid, but boats must be aware of the rules regarding sailing in the moorings.

Starting: No Starting signal will be given. Start times listed relate to Byron Handicap numbers where possible. If your boat is not listed, a request for a Start Time must be made by 12.00hrs on the Friday prior to racing to Malcolm Clark or Bob Chapple. Start times are subject to change, also a adjustment of Minus 1 minute will be made to the first three boats, plus 1 minutes to the last three boats for the start of the next race in the series, so please check your start times each week. Radio Clock will be used for monitoring.

Finishing: The finish line will be the Transits at FSC, and all competitors are requested to note the details of the boat in front and behind.


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Start times


My start time isn't included. What do I do? Contact Bob Chapple, Ian Jakeways or Malcolm Clark, by 12 noon on the Friday before the race.

My start time has changed from last week! What's going on? You were either in the first three finishers (congratulations), or the last three (commiserations).

My boat is listed twice. Why? The first entry (in red) is a 'no spinnaker' start time; the second assumes the use of a spinnaker. Once you elect to sail with or without spinnaker, you must continue in the same configuration for the whole series.