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Saturday Teas

Saturday teas are provided by volunteers. Jenny Dean organises a rota to ensure there is someone who will provide something delicious to look forward to on Saturday after racing. The teas are also brewed and poured by (the same) volunteers.

It's actually a great way to take part in Club activities and to get to know some of the sailors and supporters. Saturdays are usually much more relaxed and less frenzied. It's almost like being on holiday.

Would you like to join this happy band of cake bakers (and cake buyers)? Jenny would be delighted to hear from you.

It is rumoured that men can both bake and brew (multi-tasking isn't chromosome based). Don't feel that your biological gender precludes you from volunteering to provide tea and cake, or stand behind the counter.

How to

Arrive by 2.45pm, first start 1.55pm, boats start returning from around 3.15pm.


Although the Government has removed all legal requirements regarding the spread of Covid, there are one or two things we can do to help at FSC.

  • If you are feeling unwell please don’t come to the club (the symptoms are well known but a list is available on the NHS website, let us know and we’ll make other arrangements.
  • If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so. Everyone will respect your decision.
  • Good ventilation helps reduce the spread of the disease; feel free to open windows and the back door, sailors are a hardy bunch and used to draughts.
  • Please exercise good food hygiene by washing hands and cleaning surfaces regularly.

Already at the club

  • Coffee, tea and sugar: in large plastic box on shelving in the Store Room at the back of the Kitchen.
  • The Nespresso machine can be moved from the Bar if people want, and know how to use it.
  • China mugs, tea pots & tea towels are on racks to the left of the sink.
  • Plates are kept under the counter.
  • Small urn and/or kettle: – small urn is on a shelf above the sink. If it appears not to work, press the reset button underneath. Kettle is to right of the counter.
  • Washing up liquid: kept under sink.
  • Dishwasher: there are laminated instructions on the worktop. NB get it going early to heat up.

Please bring

  • Milk, cakes/other buns etc. for around 40+ people.
  • More on sunny days in the summer, fewer on rainy days in the winter.
  • Villagers/non club members are also welcome.

Takings & Change

  • Charge £3.00 for cup of tea/‌coffee and one item.
  • Second helpings of cake at £1.00 or at your discretion, top ups of tea/‌coffee no charge.
  • If people ask to pay by card, they can do so at the bar but it would help if you could ask bar volunteers to exchange for cash.
  • Having taken out your expenses, hand the takings and your receipts to David Mitchell, Rear Commodore House, Gaye Slater, Commodore, or other Committee Member behind the bar.


  • The bin is behind the door in the kitchen; you may find it easier to move it next to the counter whilst serving.
  • The bin in the kitchen should have a black bin liner, if not ask David/‌other committee member for one.
  • Hand empty milk containers to David/‌other committee member for recycling, or kindly take home with you.

Thank you

  • Any problems or issues, please tell me, David or any other committee member. We value your feedback.
  • And a big thank you.

Jenny Dean, for Committee and Members of FSC

behind the bar

Tea and Cake



more cakes

More cakes


Eponymous cake