On Tuesday evenings racing starts from the committee boat, displaying an orange flag, anchored in the Roads, usually (but not always) off the Roseland shore on North Bank. The committee boat is usually Kaye Price's Katy, but Jack Penty's Noon Hi and John Heath's Orienteer are also used.

Courses are taken from the SI handbook, from the section Carrick Roads Committee Boat starts. The courses are grouped by prevailing wind direction. Each of the eight groups has about a dozen numbered potential courses. Typically each fleet will have its own course.

There is a ninth group should sailing be constrained in some way, perhaps by commercial shipping, or very low water.

The group (1 to 9) is selected by a numeral pennant flying from the committee boat mast. The courses for each fleet are given over VHF, ch72.

The course is a unique three-digit number from the list in the SI handbook.

If the race is shortened or altered the changes will be indicated by flag and sound signals and announced over VHF.

The finish line is the imaginary line through the transit marks on the clubhouse roof.

When flag S is displayed on a committee boat positioned in the area of the Eastern-most end of the Northern arm of the docks, the finishing line will be between the mast of the finishing boat displaying S and the Eastern-most end of the Northern arm of the docks.

A definitive set of SIs, which takes precedence over this informal description, is available

Carrick Roads Committee Boat courses

Carrick Roads Committee Boat courses (pdf, taken from the SI handbook)

SIs (pdf, taken from the SI handbook)

Amendments to SIs